"You know, playing at the computer is different from watching a television program. You can bring your own ideas to whatever happens on the computer.

"And your ideas are special. And so are you!"

I'll never forget the moment in 1996 when I discovered that Mister Rogers had recorded a special message for children on the internet...
"Sharing important ideas has always been a big part of our work. And we're glad to welcome you to this new internet neighborhood. And now, a word from King Friday the 13th."

"Royal cyberspace greetings to this domain of bits and bytes. May your hypertext links be fruitful, and may you never forget to mind your netiquette!"

When I saw that square former Presbyterian minister in his sweater, I knew that everyone - absolutely everyone - would be coming online.
"Thank you King Friday. Everyone in this neighborhood wishes everyone on the internet the best of everything."
It left me with a warm feeling. 30 years after my childhood, this good, gentle man was still out there, leading children into the 21st century.