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Sex wasn't enough; she'd also needed to talk about it.

A 26-year-old Washington intern named Jessica Cutler was apparently keeping a blog of her sexual antics, which included six different guys and receiving money. Within two weeks, she'd been fired from her internship with Senator Dewine (R - Ohio) - leaving behind only a tantalizing record of her suiters.

There's R, identified only as "threesome dude," and F, the married Bush appointee and an agency chief of staff "who pays me for sex." And, yes, W -- "a sugar daddy who wants nothing but anal." She wants to stop "but the money is too good."

Her ex-boyfriend, MK, gets stood up for a date, and ends up sadly ringing her cellphone while she's having sex with "RS". And then two nights later, visiting her apartment, he finds a half-empty bottle of K-Y lubricant....

To be fair, the first $400 was stuffed into her hand by "W", apparently just last week. "He peeled off a few hundred from that roll of cash he carries around, and put the hundreds in my hand as I was getting out of the car."

"I acted indignant, like I don't need his help, but I kept it: why punish myself?"

She writes that it was painful - "A man who tries to fuck you in the ass when you are sober does not love you."

The blog evolved quickly from the innocent posts of a young woman (picture here) just a few years out of college. She wrote about the closing of a Syracuse bar, a taco-eating contest, triple-hoop earrings. "Must watch! America's Next Top Model."

Thursday gossip blogger Wonkette had told the Washington Post why she thought "Washingtonienne's" diary was true. "She's pretending to take pride in her own degradation and I don't think you can fake that.

"I do think she's a good writer. I hope that she gets a book deal and gets some therapy."

She was the kind of blogger who links to Martha Stewart. Was salvation coming in the date her boss arranged with a Committee staffer? (Saying "He thinks you're hot.")

"I hope this does not end badly."

She realizes she's having sex with six different guys. She misses the taco-eating contest. Even with the nice Committee counsel, she wonders, "[a]m I attracted to him or the impending drama?"

Behind the blustery irony, she finds that, like Monica Lewinsky, she's starry-eyed over her new paramour. After eight days of dating, she posts that "I really just want to be a Jewish housewife with a big rock on my finger."

In her blog she'd identified her new beau only as RS. Except she'd slipped up and called him "Rob" at one point. Armed with other details from Washingtonienne's web diary - he's a commitee counsel who's a former police officer - the "I Love Jenna Bush" blog claims it's Robert Steinbuch, who's on the Judiciary Committee and Senator Dewine's staff.

Destinyland adds: is it THIS Robert Steinbuch?

Washingtonienne did say he looked like George Clooney...

And, also, that he'd liked spanking, and ejaculated twice on their first date. "I like this crazy hair-pulling, ass-smacking dude who wants to use handcuffs on me...."

See, the problem was Washingtonienne's chattiness. ("I told my coworkers about the spanking over lunch...they were shocked. Not sure I should have told them...") One of her first posts quotes gossip Wonkette, who said "I love it that you can get famous for just talking." Amid all the casual sex, maybe Washingtonienne was just hungry for attention.

Here's the chronology...

February: Starts working for Senator DeWine.
March: Breaks up with boyfriend; gets new apartment.
May: Starts blog about sex life. Gets fired within two weeks.

Trapped at her $25,000 a year job, with smoldering co-workers, maybe Washingtonienne felt something was wrong. She'd needed to talk about it. Like that dishy Wonkette....

Pictures of the mysterious intern are now online in the Washington Post and on Wonkette's site. Saturday night the two women ended up having a drink together...

Perhaps it's appropriate that it was Wonkette who ultimately gave the anonymous online diary its notoriety. ("Compared to our humble blog, Washingtonienne has half the politics and twice the ass-fucking...") In a climactic interview Saturday, Wonkette finally gives Washingtonienne her hard-earned soap-box.

"I'm not ashamed of anything I wrote in the blog," the now-fired intern tells Wonkette. With classic understatement, she provides the case of the Capitol Hill intern with a perfect epitaph.

"I didn't really like my job anyway."

UPDATE: It's looking like Washingtonienne never graduated from college.

UPDATE: Washingtonienne speaks in a British newspaper memoir!

UPDATE: Washingtonienne poses naked for Playboy and receives a book deal.

UPDATE: Jessica hires as laywer the "sugar daddy who likes anal"?

And for the record: Senator Dewine is incredibly short.

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